English Language

At BeBrain Innovative School we want to help as many local people and businesses to reach their full potential as possible. This often means needing to learn at least one other language. English is the most widely used second and learning language in the world. It is used for international communication in fields like aviation, business, medicine, science and technology to name only a few.

We offer a wide range of English language courses for students of all ages in all stages of life – from young learners of 6 years old through to their grandparents. All courses follow a British curriculum, but are tailored to the needs of our students.

  • As no two students learn in exactly the same way, we have recruited teachers from diverse backgrounds who are skilled at using a variety of teaching techniques.
  • Because students want to become clear communicators in English, some of our teachers are native English speakers who are able to teach them the correct pronunciation one day a week.
  • As some students are less confident than others, our teachers use innovative methods to encourage them to speak.
  • Because it is important that students develop independent learning skills such as memory and researching, homework is included in all of our courses.
  • Most importantly, because students who enjoy learning are more motivated and progress more quickly, our teachers focus on making lessons fun and engaging.


To ensure all students receive personal attention from their teacher, our young learner programmes have no more than 20 students in per and adult learner programmes have no more than 25 students per class.

For those who prefer one-to-one learning or are studying for a specific examination such as IELTS, we also offer private tuition for individuals and small groups.


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